About Us

We are a family-owned indie children's bookstore.  Our shop was founded by Tami Furlong in 1988 as Fundamentals Teacher and Parent Store, a teacher supply store.    Over time, it transitioned into a children's bookstore that also carried teacher supplies and educational toys and games.

Fundamentals Books, Toys, Games, and More was purchased in 2018 by Michael & Jody Everett.  The shop was re-branded in May of 2019 as Beanbag Books.  Our shop continues to transition.  We continue to offer mostly children's books, as well as unique toys, games, and puzzles for the whole family.  We also offer a small selection of "grown-up" books and will order those not in stock upon request.  A wider selection of books, toys, and games is coming Spring of 2022 with our remodel. 

The Everett family loves to read, and books have been a huge part of their lives.  Literacy holds a special place in Jody's heart.  Her background is in Speech-Language Pathology, and she frequented Fundamentals while she was working for great books to teach speech and language concepts.  Then came along the Everett boys, and Jody became a frequent customer to build their library.  Michael grew up reading books with his family and continues to share that joy with our boys. Jakob enjoys fantasy books and graphic novels.  His current favorites are Wings of Fire and Big Nate.  Lukas enjoys humorous books and graphic novels.  His current faves are Frankie Pickle and Mr. Wolf's Class.